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The designers at Kernest are particular about their fonts - and even more particular about font combinations. For the past 3 years they've painstakingly paired and unpaired fonts always searching for inspiring, distinctive combinations. Their effort resulted in this bundle of 36 font combinations. But this bundle is more than a list of fonts that look good together. For each of the 36 Kernest Konstellations you'll get; the font file formats for print & web use, an illuminating write-up describing why the fonts go together, and a sample HTML file using all the fonts together in a distinctive color palette. All of it just so you'll know exactly how these 100+ fonts will work for you. All licensed for web, print, and every other design project you can think of. Like I say, they're particular.

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If you've purchased from StackSocial and don't have a pre-paid code just forward your purchase receipt to garrick@kernest.com.

Buy all 36 Kernest Konstellations for $540